Saturday, March 27, 2010

Body America Body Creams a Sure Hit for Christmas

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America Beauty
Click this now launches Body America Organics with Attitude range of body butters and lip butters. New to the UK, this range is set to take the industry by storm. It is great to see something new on the market that appeals to the senses. Beautifully packaged the range comes in four flavours - you can literally close your eyes, smell the product and soak in the glorious flavours.

Starblaze believes that this range will take the market by storm - it is a cross between the Body Shop brands and Benefit - the packaging is retro and will appeal to girls and ladies of all ages.

Body America products are enriched with 72% certified organic Aloe Vera leaf juice, they are designed for all skin types and are fast absorbing and long lasting.

The flavours from New York Cheesecake with an edge - imagine strawberry cheesecake and you have the product, to Vermont Va Va Voom - smells like apples, maple and blueberry, to Toast to the Coast - memories of the ocean and Southern Belle which tastes of peach and mango.

Available for Christmas are the Lip Butters which are enriched with natural extracts - they soothe and protect and are delicious on the lips.

Body Butters and the Body Butter Pumps have intensive moisturizing capabilities yet they are lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin. Used daily thes fab products will create a healthy invisible barrier that locks in moisture from head to toe. Use day or night for a truly luxurious feeling.

We love this product and wanted to tell everyone about them. tips these as a hot hot hot product for Christmas

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

US Influence on International Beauty

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America Beauty
Click this now

Many women eagerly open the newest edition of a fashion or beauty magazine and read up on all the lastest style tips and tricks. What's in and what's out is dictated on those glossy pages. From Milan, Paris, London and New York fashion trends and movements are detailed. Women want to know every product, color or style that is popular. However, there is one distinct missing component.


In the fashion and beauty industry there are a great many products and choices available. And if the average consumer is Caucasian those choices can be overwhelming. Women of different skintones have a different struggle when choosing beauty products.

They are often relegated to the same palette of colors in the same tones year after year because it is assumed their skin is not as versatile as Caucasian skin and can carry off only a limited color or style range.

This is untrue. Look at Asian skin. There is a huge difference between Japanese skin and Filipino skin. There is a great difference between Korean skin and Cambodian skin. And within each of these categories lie a greater variety of skintones all waiting for the colors that bring out their natural radiance and their own unique beauty. Even face and eye shapes differ within Asian regions.

With so much of the focus on beauty and style trends that come from Europe and America it's not hard to see why Asian skin can be overlooked. In general there is not a predominance of Asian people in those areas and the need is not fully realized.

It seems that pale skin is still the ideal skin color. That thought is perpetuated, often unknowingly through beauty trends, and women with different skintones may go to great lengths to achieve that perfect alabaster skintone. The problem is they don't look natural with skin that color. The skin color that does look good on them often goes unnoticed by designers or by the women themselves.

Things Are Changing

Here's the most exciting part. The United States, over the past decade or so, has begun to recognize all skintones and their intrinsic beauty. And even better, American companies and fashion icons and style magazines are starting to focus more on them.

There are more diverse models and fashion icons than ever before and it's not unusual to open any beauty or style magazine and see a variety of skintones. Companies like Sheer Aqua ( are dedicated to developing products specifically for Asian skin.

This is wonderful because the United States is opening the door for women to experiment with their natural skintones and really enhance the beauty they already have. For some women it's an option they may have never considered before, preferring to cover up their golden skin with peach or pink foundation because that was the only choice offered or because they desired to look like a highly publicized person.

America is really bringing the value of different skintones to the public and sharing the beauty that was there all along but never really maximized. As these publications, blogs, products and ideas reach out many women will see beauty in a whole new way.

Not only are color palettes changing but formulas are changing to provide better products for skin that is prone to premature aging or wrinkles, skin that is very smooth with few or no pores, skin that is high in melanin or skin that is extremely oily. Each skintone has a unique trait that companies are focusing on and developing products specific to that trait.

While the US influence on international beauty trends may have been narrow in the past, it's only getting better for the future. For instance, Sheer Aqua ( is opening their first store in China to better serve the Asian clientele they are specializing in.

As companies like Sheer Aqua grow, the result is more specialized products available directly to specific cultures. Women everywhere are starting to embrace their skin now that it's becoming easier to find suitable products, colors and style techniques.

Julie Galich

I am a partner in an import/export company. We develop our own product lines as well as help others start, license, or expand their business internationally. We have a popular cosmetic and skincare line in another country and a private labeling business which will enable others to make, brand, and market their own makeup (traditional and mineral) as well as skin care lines.

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